Cold Email & Automated Follow-up Software

Lead demon isn't just a cold email platform, you can use it to automate your prospecting, sales and outreach processes. Generate leads, increase sales, promote content and build better customer relationships.

Personalise Cold Emails

Personalise Emails

Personalise your cold emails to your prospects, so that they look like your outreach is directly to them and not part of a bulk email campaign like a newsletter etc.

Insert multiple merge fields to make your cold emails and follow-ups to really personal to boost reply rates.

Drip Campaigns

Email Sequences

Setup up a email sequence for each cold email or email out reach campaign. Send up to 10 emails per campaign to each prospect or customer as part of a sequence.

Most of the replies will come from the 2nd, 3rd and 4th emails etc.

You can optionally configure any of the follow-up emails part of your email sequence to include previous messages as part of a thread.

Email Outreach

Reply Detection

Lead Demon will automatically stop sending emails which are part of sequence to the prospect once a reply is detected.

Lead Demon can detect replies, out of office & other auto responders, forwards and even replies from different email addresses.

Better deliverability

Under the hood we work on many things to ensure that our users get the best deliverability possible.

Email Imap

Send Emails From Your Mailbox

You can use any email provider that you want to send emails, as long as they allow you to use IMAP then you can use them.

Emails are sent directly from your mailbox, this is also import to prospects who are part of your automated drip campaigns since they should see that emails are sent from you and not part of some bulk email campaign like newsletters which are impersonal.

Email Campaigns

Pause Your Outbound Campaigns

Getting too many leads or enquiries from customers? You can pause your email campaigns and enable them when your ready again.

Lead Demon automatically looks at the scheduled sequence of the emails that were due to be sent reschedules them to keep them on track.


Reschedule Prospects

Need to reschedule a prospect for a different day? no problem, you can pause prospects and reschedule the email sequence for a later date.

Email Tracking & Analytics

Tracking & Analytics

Track opens, clicks, replies and even converts.Track when a propsects clicks links in your emails without using URL shorteners, which trigger most anti-spam filters and cause low deliverability.

Email Automation

Email Scheduling

Setup times and time zones for each campaign, and we will send out your emails & follow ups during these times.Selecting the right days and times is what will make your cold email campaigns look even more authentic.



To get better responses when sending cold emails they need to look like you sent them manually.You can configure public holidays so we don't send emails on these dates.

Email Opt-Out

Email Opt-Out

Comply with anti-spam laws and regulations, manually opt-out prospects or allow prospects to opt-out themselves.

You can insert opt-out or unsubscribe links in your outreach emails.

Email Automation Calendar

Email Campaign Calendar

See on a calendar which campaigns are sending which steps on which dates, this can help with your sales process as well part of your marketing such as planning your cold email and follow-up campaigns.

CRM Integration


Enable your drip email campaigns to send copies of emails sent to your prospects or customers directly to your CRM.

Spam Score

Spam Score

Make sure more of your emails get delivered to your prospects, find out the spam score of your cold emails and follow-ups before they are sent to your prospects.

Tweak each step in the email sequence to get the lowest score possible.



When you import a prospects, Lead Demon will check that all data is present, and will show this to you in table for you to further check that formatting is correct.

Lead Demon automatically checks emails for duplicates, opt-outs and even blacklisted domains.

After importing you can also undo the import incase you needed to go back in time.

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