Last Revised: April 7th 2018

Furious Panda Software Limited (‘We’) trading as Lead Demon. Registered in Dublin, Ireland. Company No. 618607. Registered Office: 8–9 Marino Mart, Fairview, Dublin 3.

We provide a web-based application as a service to send personalised cold emails with automatic follow ups which can be accessed at (‘Lead Demon’);

Information about the Lead Demon application can be found on (‘Website’).

Please read these terms and conditions before using or registering to use the Lead Demon application and before using or browsing the Website.

Do not use the Lead Demon application or Website if you do not agree these terms and conditions.

By accepting these terms and conditions you warrant that you are at least eighteen (18) years and old.

These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time and our discretion without notice by updating this page.

We may at our sole discretion suspend your account without notice, if we believe you are in violation of these terms and conditions.

By using Lead Demon, you agree that you will not send SPAM, illegal or prohibited content.

You must abide by local anti-spam/email laws/regulations as well as laws and/or regulations of countries where you are emailing to.

You understand that Laws and regulations may cover but are not limited to how you gather email addresses, whom you can send to, what you can say, what information must be in an email including disclaimers, how fast you process an opt-out and so on.

Lead Demon has been designed for finding new, developing and cultivating existing B2B relationships

You must not, under any circumstance, send emails from Lead Demon to people who have already told you that they no longer want to receive emails.

You must check the sending limits set by your email account provider and make sure that you do not exceed those limits of daily sent messages.

You can cancel your Lead Demon account at any time by sending an email to

Sending Methodology

We send emails using an email account that you provide, you must own that email account or have permission to send email from that account.

By default, we send emails at random 2-minute intervals between the times that you select in a campaign on the campaign time-zone, for example if you select to send emails between 09:00–17:00 you then can send up to 240 emails each day.

If you need to send more, you can enable email throttling by sending an email to, then the system will send emails out 1-minute intervals, effectively doubling your send rate.

Only one email can go out any given time slot, so if an email is scheduled to go out at 10:00 on a London Time then no other email will be scheduled to out at that time or its equivalent time in a different time zone.

Free Trial

You can sign up for a 30-day free trial at You will not be charged before the 30 days unless you decide to subscribe beforehand.

During the trial you can send emails from free email accounts for test purposes, after that you will need your own email account using a registered company domain.

Paid Account

We offer a paid service, using either a monthly or annual billing, the pricing information can be found on our website.

Each license allows a user to send email from one email account.


All amounts paid are non-refundable.


If you upgrade your plan to annual or increase the number of users, we will prorate the time that you have left on current plan and then issue you a new invoice.


When you cancel your subscription, it is cancelled immediately, and you will no longer be able to access Lead Demon, even if you had time left on your billing period.

If we are unable to take payment we will notify you and try again a few days later, subscriptions are cancelled automatically after 3 retries.

Data is scheduled for deletion a subscription is cancelled.


We reserve the right to review email campaigns sent from Lead Demon, and in some cases review the content that you have entered into Lead Demon if we need to solve a technical or functional issue or if we suspect that you are in violation of terms and conditions.


We are not responsible for any data or content that you store in Lead Demon and nor are we responsible for any data or content that you send to your prospects or customers.